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Flamingo Surprise was started in 1991, back when 90210 became more than just a zip code. While most people were rocking out to Kurt Cobain in baggy over-alls, Rick & Ralph Fazio, the typical yet eccentric identical twin brothers from Ohio, were busy starting their own business.

Okay, maybe they weren't as busy starting their own business as much as they were under the influence in their hometown of Brook Park, Ohio-but had they not been busy throwing back a couple brews at the local pub, the idea for Flamingo Surprise may have never surfaced. Nevertheless, the idea for Flamingo Surprise was inspired by a little high school tradition of flamingo borrowing that Rick and Ralph decided to relive one, infamous night back in 1991.

Nearly 20 years ago, the Ohio natives were reminiscing in their hometown. As the spirits kept flowing, so did the great ideas—one of which included running through the neighboring city of Parma borrowing the pink flamingo lawn ornaments that adorned so many yards in this lovely, little town. As you can imagine, Rick and Ralph, caught up in the excitement of reliving their rebellious high school glory days, soon accumulated an entire flock of flamingoes, all with nowhere to go, and nothing to do with them.

Remembering it was their cousin's birthday, the two devious brothers plotted to wish him a happy birthday by covering his front yard with these pink mementos they had collected, with the addition of a homemade birthday sign made of paper Rick found in his pocket.

The next day, a man, who obviously knows a great thing when he sees it, drove past the lucky cousin's house while Rick and Ralph happened to be outside admiring their work, and immediately loved the display. He asked if they could do the same thing for his wife, and the brothers, being the natural business men that they are, said, "Sure, you got $50?" And, the rest is history.

To this day, Rick and Ralph, two quirky brothers from Ohio, are living the American Dream of starting their own, family-run business. With their uncanny balance of humor and business knowledge, the fun-loving duo has become a leading purchaser of pink flamingoes in the country and the leading Chicagoland provider of this innovative, exciting, and unique way of celebrating special occasions – Flamingo Surprise.

Remember the words of Rick and Ralph - Instead of a Card…Say it in a Yard

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